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Pipes by Enrico Marola - Enrico lives in Vercelli, Italy and is a pipe craftsman. A a watchmaker by profession, Enrico also is a pipe smoker and carver. His pipes are outstanding....bueaty and design all in one great pipe.

Cigars Direct - For the best choice in premium cigars check out my friends at Cigarsdirect!

Brothers of Briar - Here is one of the best online pipe related forums on the web. Very active site with hundreds of members, who post all kinds of interesting information about, pipes, tobaccos, and other related hobbies. Take a few minutes and register!

Gray Fox Online - Another excellent online pipe forum.This group is also very active with hundreds of members. There is a ton of active forums on a variety interesting topics. Take a few minutes and register!

Pipedia - Pipedia is an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Pipe smoking is allowed, encouraged, and facilitated on this site! Many links to pipe smoking related information: pipe makers & brands, pipe logos, books & magazines, smoking health, and much more....a great online resource for pipe smoking.

Pipeworks & Wilke - Pipeworks & Wilke is located in Arlington, Vermont. Carole Burns is the proprietor. Pipeworks & Wilke is dedicated to handblending fine tobaccos in small batches to insure overall consistency and quality. For over 125 years Wilke pipes and tobaccos have been sought after by pipesmokers around the world. In addition to quality handblended tobaccos, Carole also has a great selection of estate pipes and accessories. Give Carole a call at 1-800-832-8309 or visit the web site.

The Perfect Ash Tray - ThePerfectAshtray.com is your #1 place to find the best selection on all ashtrays and smoking accessories. From unique vintage ashtrays, to modern decorative ashtrays, or a simple functional metal cigarette ash tray, ThePerfectAshtray.com has the widest ashtray selection available, perfect for both gift giving and personal use.

Charles' Pipe Collectibles - After collecting and enjoying pipes for many years and in an effort to share his love of the artistry of pipe-making, Charles has designed an online pipe site bringing you beautifully designed, high quality pipes at affordable prices. They may be new or used, but all are interesting shapes, sizes, or finishes. Charles has chosen to showcase the Stanwell line of pipes on his website since they are known for their beautiful design as well as their high quality, and they will give you many years of enjoyment for a remarkably affordable price. Contact Charles if you have any questions. Call 1-864-949-7953 (Business hours 10-6 EST, Monday-Friday).

Nightowl PipeWorks - Nightowl PipeWorks is owned Ron Bikacsan. Ron has extensive experience in small instrument refurbishing and vintage watch restoration. He uses these precision skills when repairing or refurbishing pipes that pass through his NightOwl PipeWorks shop. His understanding of airflow technology is used when correcting draw problems with wet-smoking pipes. Additionally, Ron has been trained in custom pipe making under the practiced eye of Jody Davis. Check out his web site to see some of his work...you'll be amazed! Contact Ronnie if you have some old pipes that need a new stem, repair or refurbishing. Call 615-226-1756 or 615-330-0455.

Pimo - Pimo is a small company owned by pipe makes Ginny Baier, it's a great source for pipe making materials and supplies. Their customer service is excellent as well. Pimo may be contacted at:

Butternut Lane
P.O. Box 2043
Manchaster Center, VT 05255

Walker Briar Works - Dave Wolff owns and operates the Walker Briar Works, named after his grandfather, George D. Walker. Dave provides full service pipe repair, everything from new stems (valcanite or Lucite) to pipe cleaning and bowl refinishing. Contact Dave Wolff if your old pipes need a good cleaning or a new stem.

Tony's Pipe Racks - Tony Newbury makes some really nice pipe racks. All are made from solid hardwood...Mahogany, Walnut or Oak. All pipe racks are made to order, with shipping 7 to 10 days after ordering. Tony will apply felt material on the bottom and in grooves where pipes rest at your request, a very nice touch!. The craftmanship is excellent, so if you're in need of quality, hand-made pipe racks...this is the place. Drop Tony an email or give him a call at (860) 229-0912.

DeJarnett Pipes - Hand made pipes by Horace DeJarnett are made from finest quality Plateaux briar available. If you are seeking a truely unique one-of-a-kind pipe, take a look at the variety Horace has to offer. Horace coats his bowls with a special pre-carb mixture that speeds up the break-in process. After the third bowl you will feel like this pipe has been in your collection for years. If you want to discuss a custom made pipe carved by Horace DeJarnett, feel free to email or call him at (623)572-9648.

Cuban-Cigars WS Co. - Offers customers the largest selection of cuban cigars possible. Even our discount smokes are only the highest quality. Our professionals strive to keep up to date on the latest trends and labels. Cuban cigars that come from us are the best quality and generally have the best value over any other cigar supplier. You can also order by phone at 1-800-988-7265.

Sahara Smoke Co. - Sahara Smoke Co. is an importing company of exotic gifts and treasures from all over the East providing to wholesalers and retailers all over the world. Your direct source for authentic hookahs, hookah accessories, pipe tobacco, incense, and more...

Synjeco's Pipe Smoker's Haven - This is a professional, extensive pipe smoker's site, offering hundreds of quality pipes, such Don Carlos, Mastro de Paja, Il Ceppo, Moretti, Spanu, Paronelli, Genod, Tsuge, calabashes, bulk and tinned pipe tobaccos, and a large assortment of smoking accessories, all at extremely competitive prices.

Cigar FAQ - Cigar Smoker's FAQ is considered to be the definitive document on the pleasures of cigar smoking by cybersmokers all over the world!

Pipe FAQ - Excellant source for general information on the Fine Art of Pipe Smoking.

Fuji Publishing Group Cigar Page - If cigars, wine and spirits is your passion, here's a good site related links and information.

Las Vegas Cigar Company - A great cigar and nice web site as well. Worth the visit and a smoke!

The Tobacco SuperMarket - A great source of pipe tobacco. They have a nice on-line catalog that lists many name brand tobaccos. Check it out!!

Bob Curtis' Personal Page - Bob Curtis is known world wide for his knowledge of cigars.

Internet Cigar Group - The Internet Cigar Group's is a continuously updated listing of cigar sites on the World Wide Web!

Alt.Smokers.Cigars - A newsgroup that is full of activity. Need help? Have some tips you'd like to pass on to fellow cigar smokers? - This is the place! You can access this newgroup via email as well...you have to subscribe through your internet provider. If you use Google Groups, you can read the postings, but have to set up a user account to be able respond to and create new postings.

Alt.Smokers.Pipes - A newsgroup that is devoted to the pipe smoker. A great place to hear suggestions about pipe blends and pipes. If your an avid pipe smoker, don't overlook this web site. You can access this newgroup via email as well...you have to subscribe through your internet provider. If you use Google Groups, you can read the postings, but have to set up a user account to be able respond to and create new postings.

Kevin Cook's Pipe Page & Tobacco Bar - Kevin has some nice insights on some popular pipe blends from his favorite tobacco shops. He provides some nice tasting notes for several Cornell & Diehl blends and The Smoker in Albany, New York.

Cornell & Diehl, Inc. - Is a hand blender of top quality pipe tobacco. They have been is busniess for many years and have some outstanding blends. C&D has a nice "Simple Pak" (5 blends, 2 ounces each, you pick 'em) for $20.00, postage paid. This is a great way to try different blends without spending a bundle.

Pipes Digest - In spite of its name, this publication discusses cigars (and pipes) extensively. There are over 2,000 subscribers so submissions occur regularly. Every couple of weeks you'll receive the latest edition via e-mail at no charge. Check it out!

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