Theology of Pipesmoking by Arthur D. Yunker (1970)

Toward a Theology of Pipesmoking (1970)

In my humble opinion, this small (73 page) book belongs in the library of every pipe smoker. A hilarious work written by a young seminarian. Original copies are rare and very hard to find. I purchased a photocopy from Ben Rapaport in April 2006 for $8.00.

You can find the PDF of this book at the following links:

Theology of Pipesmoking Part I (Pages 1 to 25)

Theology of Pipesmoking Part II (Pages 26 to 73)

You can either read it online or print the 73 pages. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth printing it and keeping it in your pipe book library. Happy Puffing!!

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