My Favorite Pipes and Tobacco Blends

Meerschaum Pipes
I enjoy meerschaum pipes because they smoke cool and I really love the creative carvings. I have a small meerschaum pipe that I've had since my college days. It's a carved Sultan Head. Over the years it has turned a nice golden brown and smokes cooler now than it did when it was new. I also have two other meerschaum pipes that I bought as estate pipes. One has dragon carvings arond the bowl, and the other has floral carvings. More recently, I purchased a meeschaum pipe with a dragon claw holding a latice bowl. The stem is luctie with red, yellow and tan colors. All three of these pipes are medium sized and smoke very cool.

While I enjoy meerschaum pipes very much, Gourd Calabash pipes with meerschaum bowls smoke the best. Because the smoke has to travel so much farther to get to the mouth piece, it has time to cool. This makes the smoking experience of a real Gourd Calabash pipe so much more enjoyable. The only down side to these pipes are their size. Since they tend to be rather large, they are not the type of pipe to allow to hang in your mouth.

Briar Wood Pipes
I have a collection of nearly 100 briar pipes and growing. My collection is mostly Danish Freehands. I really like the natural flow of the wood used for Freehand carving. The asymmetrical shape of Freehands are the reason why I tend to collect the Freehand pipes. The more common apple or bent bulldog are fine traditional pipe shapes, but don't have that natural, asymmetrical look and fell that enjoy.

Several of my older pipes were my fathers. A number of these pipes don't have any type of markings or nomenclature, so I don't know who carved them, or where they came from. Despite not knowing the history of these pipes, being that they were my fathers, they are very special.

I own several Ben Wade pipes, which used to be one of my favoriate brands. They are no longer made, but still provide a great smoke. These pipes generally have medium to large bowls. Most of the pipes in my collection were Estate Pipes and cost a great deal less than new, unsmoked pipes. My collection does not really focus on any specific brand names. I own one or more of the following: Preben Holm, Clerance Mickles, Randy Wiley, Mark Tinsky, Stanwell, Spanu, Dunhill, Castello, Bari, Savinelli, Brebbia, Peterson, J.T. Cooke, S. Bang, Danny Souers, Ser Jacpo, Tsuge, Von Erck, Butz Choquin, W.O. Larsen, Rolando and many others.

If you have an interest in Pipe Carving, here is a page I put together that will help you get started. It offers a great step-by-step "How To" and links to pipe kit suppliers. Making is your owe pipe is not only fun, but you gain a new level of knowledge and appreciation of what goes into making a pipe.

As much as I enjoy a good cigar, there are a few good reasons why pipes are BETTER! Check out Pipe vs. Cigars to read why I feel pipes are better than cigars.

Pipe Tobacco
I've become quite the taste tester of pipe tobaccos. At any given time I must have several dozen tobacco blends on hand, both aromatic and English. There must be hundreds of tobacco blends, but I don't plan on trying them all. However, as I try new ones, I'll be sure to provide my tasting notes. I tend to like the Aromatic blends but enjoy cool smokey flavor of a medium to heavy English blend once in a while. It took me some time to get used to English blends, but have really enjoyed the change from aromatics.

Rating System:

Rating: Don't waste your money!
Rating: Worth another try!
Rating: Very Good to Excellent!
Rating: Excellent...Smoke Again!
Rating: Classic...Top of the Line!

Note: Not all blends have been rated. This does not mean that they are bad tobaccos, just that I didn't rate them. I just added the rating stars on January 30, 2010. As time allows, I'll add ratings to the all blends. Those that are no longer available, I will overlook.

Erinmore Balkan Mixture - Be advised right up front, Erinmore Balkan Mixture is NOT available in the US. If you want to try this blend, you'll have visit the UK or have another means of getting it into the US. Due to new credit card processing regulations, tobacconists in the UK are unable to sell/ship tobacco products to US citizens. Erinmore Balkan Mixture has a mellow and delicate flavor providing a satisfying smoke. Orientals, bright Virginia's, and Latakia give a nice cool smoke. It has a very pleasent room note and seems to be tolerated by others around you. The ribbon cut is easy to pack and light. Keep your puff rate slow and easy....or it will bite! IMHO, Erinmore Balkan Mixture is in excellent oriental blend.....mellow, tasty, cool and well balanced. The Oriental/Virginia is about 40/40 split, and the Latakia is about 20% or so. I'm lucky to have a friend in the UK who sends me a tin once in a while!!

Pipeworks & Wilke No. 622 - Back by popular demand another of Wilke's old recipes, a more than generous amount of Latakia mixed with Virginia's and Perique makes this one of Wilke's fuller English Blends. I certainly find No. 622 a full English, smooth and cool. It has a great "room note" and it lights/packs nicely. The Latakia/Virgina/Perique blends from Pipeworks & Wilke are out of this world. If you enjoy this combination of tobaccos, you need to give them a try. Once again, if your a fan Dunhill's Nightcap or 965, this could very well be a replacement. Carole offers a great Trial Sampler, so if you're unsure what you want, give the sampler a try! Rating: Pipeworks & Wilke can be reached at Pipeworks & Wilke

Pipeworks & Wilke No. 400 - A full English blend for those who prefer something with greater body as an after dinner smoke. A base of the finest Syrian Latakia to which is added Turkish Yenidje, Kentucky Burley, Perique and Virginia in medium, long, and granulated large cuts. Not for the timid! While I enjoy this blend a great deal...I'm not sure I agree with the statement "not for the timid". I certainly find No. 400 a full flavored English, but it's smooth and does not smoke hot. If you like Dunhill's Nightcap, this might be a nice replacement. As a fan of Syrian Latakia blends, I rather enjoy this blend. No. 400 seems a bit moist, so I allow a small amount to air dry before smoking. Rating: Pipeworks & Wilke can be reached at Pipeworks & Wilke

Pipeworks & Wilke High Hat - A rare 1870's Wilke formula of selected superior Latakia, blended with Kentucky Burley, Perique and Golden Virginia. A pinnacle amongst English blends. This is one of the oldest mixtures that Pipeworks & Wilke offers. I've found that High Hat smokes well in almost any pipe, from small to large. It's a slow smoking tobacco. I generally smoke a medium sized bowl and this is a choice for High Hat. High Hat is an extremely well balanced mixture. It contains Burley, Virginia, Latakia, and Perique that come together harmoniously to produce a medium to full English mixture. For those of you that are fans of Dunhill 965, this very well could be a nice replacement. Rating: Pipeworks & Wilke can be reached at Pipeworks & Wilke

Pipeworks & Wilke No. 13 - A legendary Wilke mixture of Tennessee Burley, Latakia, Perique, Virginia and Royal Scot. Smooth smoking and a beautiful aroma. No wonder it's nickname is Wilke's Magic 13! I recently tried this blend and have fallen in love with its wonderful aroma. Even my wife commented on the nice aroma and generally she does not take notice or mention my tobaccos. The use of Royal Scot adds a nice "aromatic" touch to this blend, it not really an aromatic mixture. Carole Burns, the proprietor of Pipeworks & Wilke tells me that Royal Scot is a Virginia that is made especially for her, so it's not a tobacco that you'll find any place else. I bought 8 oz. and split it with a friend, but the next time I need to buy it, it will be a 16 oz. bag!! Rating: Pipeworks & Wilke can be reached at Pipeworks & Wilke

3 Oaks Original by McClelland - Created in 1989 by Tad Gage, Three Oaks Pipe Tobacco has been called a modern-day classic. Generous amounts of the finest Cyprian Latakia are balanced with premium Oriental tobaccos and sweet Virginia leaf. Rich, yet cool-smoking from the tin, Three Oaks matures gracefully, developing sweetness and additional complexity. No gurgling, just a wonderful, sweet/smoky, oriental-spiced wonder. It never burns hot, barely warming the surface of my pipe. Rating: Can be purchased at

Solani Virginia Flake 633 - A classic flake with bright Virginia's and Perique. This cool, slow burning blend has a natural sweetness and a wonderful room aroma. If you enjoy Virginia and Perique blends, then you have to try's a slow burning mix, very pleasant room aroma! Rating:

Samuel Gawith Commonwealth Full Strength Mixture - This is a full strength mixture of 50% steam cured Virginia's and 50% Cyprian Latakia. The Commonwealth accommodates those who desire a rich full flavored smoke. If you like Virginia's and Latakia, this has to be on your list to try! Rating:

Stanwell Vanilla - First off, I am not a BIG fan of aromatic tobaccos. However, once in a while, it's a nice change of pace to smoke a nice sweet blend. Stanwell Vanilla is a nice mix of Danish Dark Cavendish, Burley and Virginia enriched with matured Samsun from Turkey. Vanilla flavors create the sweet character of the blend. Rich in contrast and with a perfect balance of aroma. It does not smoke hot and is a very pleasent smoke. Rating:

Ashton Artisanís Blend - This full-bodied English mixture is carefully crafted for the experienced pipe smoker. Virginia and Turkish tobaccos harmonize with Syrian Latakia and a touch of Perique to create a taste that is resoundingly rich, spicy and satisfying. Rating:

McClelland 5100 Red Cake - A style of English Virginia that has seldom been seen in America. A sweet, exceptionally soft, fully-rubbed matured cake. A wonderful blending tobacco as well as fine, medium-bodied straight smoke. This is an extremely high-grade refined product. Rating:

Pipeworks & Wilke No. 524 - This traditional British mixture consists of matured pan-fired Virginia, Latakia, and Turkish Yenidje. A rich full bodied blend. This has become one of my all time favorite blends. I'm not sure what makes it so special, maybe the Turkish Yenidje. I just love it...I buy 16 oz. of it at a time and I never do that with tobaccos. Rating: Pipeworks & Wilke can be reached at Pipeworks & Wilke

G.L. Pease Maltese Falcon - Stylish, dark and alluring. Generous quantities of cyprian Latakia are blended with mature red Virginias, exotic orientals, and just a little bright flue cured leaf to offer a deep, full-bodied yet silky smoke with an intriguing sweetness, ehanced by a discreet and mysterious spice. Maltese Falcon possesses an exquisite balance-a wonderful all day English style mixture. Rating:

Esoterica Stone Haven - A marriage of air-cured leaf and burley with selected dark Virginia. Hard-pressed and aged to produce brown flakes with dark undertones. A traditional English flake favored by experienced pipe smokers. I generally don't smoke many flake tobaccos, but I really enjoy this belnd very's well worth the extra time it takes to rub out the flake. Rating:

Peterson Old Dublin - A unique medium English mixture composed of Virginia Cyprian Latakia, black Cavendish, and sweet Basma grade leaf from Greece. This blend is a great, mild all day smoke. Rating:

Park-Lane Red Paramour by Park-Lane Tobacconist - An all Virginia blend comprised of Red Virginia ribbon, Gold flake, red and black matured Virginia cake tobaccos, enhanced with the slight addition of Perique and a scented Virginia flake. For the lover of straight Virginia blends, a smooth and naturally sweet mixture! Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane PL11-010 by Park-Lane Tobacconist - For fans of the old Dunhill store blend A11010. Many months of experimentation, some long lost formulas, and the educated palates of our tobacco tasters aided us in our quest to duplicate this blend. All who have tried it agree, it's a match! A heavy Latakia blend (over 75% Latakia), with the Virginia and other tobaccos playing a "supporting" role to the robust nature of the smoky Cyprian Latakia. A unique tobacco for those who like heavy Latakia blends! Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane No. 15 by Park-Lane Tobacconist - PLT fullest English mixture! This blend is a combination of our No. 12 full English and a generous amount of Louisiana Perique. For those who enjoy full English style mixtures with Perique. Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane No. 12 by Park-Lane Tobacconist - A rich and full English blend for lovers of Cyprian Latakia! Approximately 50% of this blend is cool and smoky Cyprian Latakia mixed with golden, red and stoved Virginia's and various different Turkish tobaccos. A satisfying end of day smoke. Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane No. 8 by Park-Lane Tobacconist - A medium strength English mixture composed of unflavored black Cavendish, matured red and stoved Virginias and Cyprian Latakia. For fans of the McClelland Frog Morton series, who want a little more spice. Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane Knightsbridge by Park-Lane Tobacconist - A zesty mix of Bright, Red and Lemon Virginia tobaccos, blended with the Turkish tobacco Smyrna, which lends it's noticeable taste and irresistible aroma. A generous addition of Cyprian Latakia adds it's smoky top note, and a small measure of Perique is added to round out the blend and add to it's spicy finish. A full bodied but not overpowering English mixture. Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Park-Lane Bengal by Park-Lane Tobacconist - This is an English blend that combines Perique, bright flake, Turkish flake and bright Virginia ribbion for a nice flavorful smoke. Most of Cornell & Diehl's blends are dryer than most other commerically available blends, thus they tend to smoke dryer and cooler. Rating: Park-Lane can be reached at

Oriental Silk (#414) by Cornell & Diehl, Inc. - Are you fan of the old Bengal Slices? Then this is a must try for you! Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos are blended with the finest Latakia available and topped with a unique floral scent that makes this tobacco true (or at least as true as we can make it) to the soapy original. Rating: Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Yale Mixture (#531) by Cornell & Diehl, Inc. - Cornell & Diehl says that if this were a wine it would be full bodied, but not sweet, and they are right! This is a Virginia based blend with Latakia. A very nice smoke with lots of flavor and great aroma. Rating: Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Lane Limited (BCA Blend) - I understand that Lane Limited is the largest pipe tobacco supplier in the United States. This blend has a number of copy-cat blends at various tobacco retailers. It's a mixture of fire-cured Black Cavendish with lots of vanilla for a cool, smooth smoke. It tends to smoke "wet" so you'll need a good supply of pipe cleaners. Rating:

Premier Mixture by Wessex - This is a mixture of toasted Cavendish, matured Virginia and broad leaf Carolina. It has a mild sweet flavor with a wonderful aroma. Rating:

Paradise from De LaConcha - This delicate mixture of Cavendish and aromatic burleys is flavored with peach. It's very mild and sweet with a wonderful aroma. Rating:

Rattray's Terry Red - A pleasent mixture of light Virginia tobaccos and Black Cavendish. The mild flavor and aroma of rum, ginger and cherry is a delight. This tobacco burns very well and dry in the pipe. Rating:

Quintessence No. 1 - A very nice aromatic mixture of Black Cavendish that has been bulk cured for several weeks. This is a mild and sweet vanilla flavored tobacco with a great aroma.

Lane Limited (RLP-6) - A "knock off" blend of Captain Black Regular. Blended with the right portion of Golden Virginia and Burleys, this basic blend of toasted Cavendish tobaccos takes on a zesty characteristic. A wonderful all day tobacco blend. Rating:

Honey Crest (#111) by Cornell & Diehl - This is a semi-aromatic blend of long and short cut Burleys cured in honey for a smooth mild smoke. Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Intercourse (#208) by Cornell & Diehl - An aromatic mixture (with an interesting name) of Black Cavendish, mild sweet Burley and blend #402 Apricot Brandy. Makes a gentle, lightly flavored smoke. Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Jamaican Rum (#426) by Cornell & Diehl - A blend of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos cured with rum. It's great! Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Plum & Rum (#501A) by Cornell & Diehl - This is one of the newest blends from C&D. It's a Black Cavendish mixture with a delightful, different, plum and rum flavor. It's a nice sweet, aromatic smoke. Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Vanilla (#325) by Cornell & Diehl - Three cuts of Burley, plus light Cavendish cured in vanilla for a mild, smooth smoke. Cornell & Diehl can be reached at Cornell & Diehl

Mac Baren Gold - A premium blend of matured Burley, Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos which offers a satisfying, pleasant smoke. Has a very nice aroma and flavor!

Erinmore Flake by Murray Sons & Company Limited - The receipe for this blend is a closely guarded family secret. What is known is that the tobaccos are slected from premier tobacco growing regions of the world, naturally sweetened bright Virginia is hand-blended with cool smoking Cavendish to produce a unique flavor and distinctive aroma. This is a slow burning, easy-smoking tobacco. A 50 gm tin will cost about $5.50.

Killarney from Ted's Pipe Shoppe, Ltd. - Tulsa Oklahoma - An aromatic blend consisting of approximately 70% light and reddish-brown Cavendish and 30% black Cavendish. The flavor is mild caramel and vanilla. This blend has become one of my favoriates. Ted's can be reached at (918)742-4996.

K2 from John B. Hayes and Son Tobacconist - This is a light English blend from a special recipe of the finest single leaf ingredents available. Based in matured Virginias, Turkish and flavored toasted Virginia tobaccos with a small amount of Latakia and Perique. Rating:

Blue Winged Teal from The Bufflehead Shop - This is a Virginia balanced mixture of lemon and orange Carolinas with toasted Virginia added for softness. A beautiful mild ribbon Cavendish flavored with honey. It's a wonderful medium aromatic. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Cinnamon Teal from The Bufflehead Shop - Ribbon cut Virginia tobaccos and Black Cavendish combined with dark chocolate and mellow roasted coffee for a smooth taste and rich aroma. It's a wonderful full aromatic blend. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Stellars Eider from The Bufflehead Shop - A mixture of mild American Virginias, stove black Cavendish and rich Burley tobacco. A classic tobacco with the delightful fragrance of fresh peaches. It's a wonderful full aromatic blend. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Frog Morton by McClelland - This is a rich, smooth and dark Latakia mixture. It's both full favored yet mild and sweet. It took Frog Morton four years to develop this unique blend. Definitely worth the wait! Rating:

Bombay Court by McClelland - The finest, spicy Turkish leaf is cut wide and enhanced with cool, smokey Latakia. Fine-cut Matured Virginias intermingle, adding natural sweetness and full flavor to this excellent medium english mixture. Rating:

Gray Castle by Anthony Cranswick - A pungent oriental blend featuring Bright Virginia, Dark-Fired Virginia, Orientals, and Syrian Latakia. This blend is a heavy english blend and should be smoked slowly. Not for the mild at heart.

Virginia Flake (Mixture #2015) by McClelland - This mixture is made from rich, Orange and Red Virginia to which enough St. James Perique has been added to create a wonderfully refreshing smoke. The aroma is great! - It can bought in bulk from The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Penzance (Esoterica Tobaccos) by J.F. Germain & Son's - This outstanding cross-cut English flake is unbelieveable! A wonderful complex secret recipe of the finest Virginia, choice Turkish, Orientals and Cyprian Latakia, all hand blended together, hard pressed and broad cut into thick flakes. Long matured and easily crumbled facilitate pipe filling. This ranks as one of the finest traditional English flakes available. The aroma is great! - It can bought in bulk from The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Buccaneer by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Here is the champion of dark, fire-cured Cavendish mixtures. This blend is a zesty aromatic smoke that is easy on the tongue. Cool, gentle and satisfying! Makes for a nice all day smoke. It has a great vanilla aroma! - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Danish Silk by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Described as "Smooth as Silk".....thus the name, this blend is a classic Danish blend. A cool and satisfying smoke. Makes for a great all day tobacco. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Edward's Supreme by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - This is a nice cool and mild English blend with just the right amount of Latakia. If your looking for nice mild English blend to try, this it it! - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Kentucky Bourbon by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - It may not really have bourbon in the mixture, but it sure tastes like it. This blend is a mixture of eleven of the world's choicest tobaccos, aged to provide a rich and tangy smoke. Another nice all day tobacco! - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Mark II by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - If you like Burley and Cavendish, here's a nice blend for you. It has a refreshing taste the reminds you of a cool citrus drink that you buy at the beach. Smoked to the bottom of the bowl while still providing great flavor. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Peach Blossom by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Since I'm not really an aromatic smoker, this sweet "Georgia Peach" blend was a bit too sweet for me. However, the flavor is very natural and the room armoa is very pleasent. This blend begins with a base of toasted-Cavendish. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Scottish Moor by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Here is aonther Burley based blend that your sure to like. It provides wonderful taste and aroma. Very cool and refreshing tobacco blend. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Woodsman by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - This blend is a mixture of Burley, Turkish, Black Cavendish and a touch of Latakia that provids a wonderful "woodsy" aroma. If you have been searching for a nice "entry level" English style blend to try....this is a must! - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Bishop Burley by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - A blend of specially- prepared rare Burleys and natural Virginias with a faint touch of Oriental. A blend with a soft sweetness all its own. These rare Burleys are of extra high quality and in limited supply. This blend is a dry, cool smoking tobacco....very enjoyable! - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Black Night by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - The true "average" Cavendish blend. Smooth and even buring, with a subtle sweetness. Both the smoker and non-smoker will enjoy the aroma. If your a beginner, this is a great blend to begin with. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Black n' Brown by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - A special combination of fire-cured Cavendish, cube Burley and other fine Edward's blending tobaccos. This blend is slightly less sweet than "Black Night" , but still very enjoyable and satisfying. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Black Watch by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - Cool-aged Burley, fire-cured Cavendish and quality Edward's blending tobaccos provide a slightly more flavorfull smoke, with a hint of tangy spice. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Special Balkan by Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop - This blend is for the smoker who has a definite fondness for cool, rich Latakia. Being 50% Latakia, it satisfies the most ardent desire for those traditional English tobacco smokers. Three types of Virginia (string-cut) are used as base with only a sprinkle of Burley. A generous amount of Turkish and Black Cavendish are used to complement the Latakia. - It can bought in bulk from Edward's Pipe & Tobacco Shop or (970)226-5311.

Dunhill Durbar - Yum! This mixture contains a high percentage of Oriental leaf. Virginia and Latakia are also added. This blend is broad cut and has a slow rate of burn. In the tin it's at a great moisture level, and appears very predominantly dark. There's definitely latakia, and I see a few shades of brown and also some tan flakes in there as well. I'm told that the rest of the mixture is primarily Turkish leaf, which would perhaps explain this blend's very unique character. Some say the smoking flavor is reminiscent of buttered toast or perhaps roasted cashews. It's very, very rich and quite to my liking! This blend's got a fair kick, in Dunhill terms similar perhaps to Nightcap but less than Royal Yacht. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

London Blend No. 250 - A really special Flake tobacco, made from the best Virginia Grades with 10% Latakia and a pinch of Perique, sweetly seasoned with natural Plum extract. Made in Germany. This blend is a nice change from those full-bodied English blends. It's smooth and sweet! It can bought in a 100gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

London Blend No. 1000 - A full-bodied dark colored mixture. African Virginia and Turkish tobaccos with high amounts of Latakia. This is a great blend for those "after dinner" smokes when you want to kick back and relax. Made in Germany. It can bought in a 100gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Kingfisher by Esoterica - This is a very unique and interesting Virginia, Burley and Perique blend. I generally don't smoke blends with Perique, but this blend has just a pinch and the Perique is not noticable. It's not what I'd call an "all day" tobacco, but very nice change or pace. The tobacco cut is a Double Cut Krumble Kake. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692. Rating:

Pelican by Butera Pipe Company - Pelican is a blend using a combination of exact portions of the most rare Cyprian Latakia, Tukish, Orientals and prime grade Virginia's. This interesting mixture gives Pelican a sweet, yet zesty taste. Since I bought this blend at a local pipe show, it has become one of my regluar mixtures and a favorite. Rating: It can bought in a 12.5gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

British Woods by McClelland - This is a full, rich and dark English mixture. Heavy with fragrant Latakia, spiced with premium Macedonian tobaccos, Orientals and fine grade Virgina. The moisture level in the tin seems a bit high and tends to be difficult to keep lit. The smoke is full, rich and very satisfying. It has become one of my favorite blends. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Bill Bailey's Best Blend - This cool burning, medium bodied smoke has various Virginia grades, Oriental leaf both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia, unflavored black cavendish and Perique tobaccos that provide the ultimate in smoking tobaccos. This has also become a favorite blend. Rating: It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Bill Bailey's Balkan Blend - This full strength blend consists of the best Virginia grades with various Oriental tobaccos, 10% dark fired Kentucky leaf and over 40% Latakia with a pinch of Perique. The high percentage of Latakia makes this a full-bodied blend that every English smoker should try. Excellant! It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Dunhill My Mixture 965 - For the connoisseurs of full-bodied English blends, here is a MUST try. The use of only the choicest Latakia imparts a rich nutty flavor and coolness. Macedonia Bright is added for sweetness. The Brown Cavendish completes the blend that all pipe smokers love. Excellant! This has also become a favorite blend. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe - Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great tobacco for the "first pipe" of the day, arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Dunhill Nightcap - A rich blend for late in the day, perhaps after dinner. It is a slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance to bouquet. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture - A distinctive flavorful blend pressed, darkened tobaccos with Perique added for character. This is a more full-bodies blend than either Nightcap or Early Morning Pipe. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Old Ironsides - A Latakia lover's dream! A hefty measure of Cyprian Latakia is complimented by Kentucky, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos. This flake-cut blend is cake-aged for twelve weeks and is full and cool smoking. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Torben Dansk No. 3 "Red Virginia Superb" - A superb blend of Virginias and Latakia, fermented under pressure. A medium-full bodied smoke. If you like the combination of Latakia and smooth Virginia, this is the blend for you. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

The Malthouse "Founders Reserve" - A blend of Viriginas infused with Scottish Single Malt Whiskey. Pressed and fermented for 12 weeks. A mild, light smoke. Single malt drinkers owe it to themselves to sample this's exquisite! This is a great transition tobacco for aromatic smokers into traditional straight blends. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Tordenskjold "Virginia Slices" - A fuller-body Classic golden flake from the best Virginia grades wih just a dash (2%) of Perique. Sweet, mild and slow-burning. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Hamborger Veermaster - Here is a classic sailor`s flake tobacco made from rich Golden Virginias, sweet and mild. This is sure to become a favorite blend. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Treasures of Ireland "Limerick" - A rich flavored mixed Virginia flake with 5% Perique. Pressed and aged for 12 weeks. A balanced sweetness in a cool and even-burning, medium-to-full bodied smoke. This has become one of my favorite amoung the new blends I've been trying. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Benjanin Hartwell Chesdin Mixture - If you're seeking a rich, smooth Latakia blend, then stop've found it! I was never prone to buy this blend in my local tobacco shop, but when won two tins (of each blend) at the C.O.R.P.S. Pipe Show, I was given the chance to try it. I'm glad my ticket's a nice tobacco, which provides a nice, smooth smoke. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Benjanin Hartwell Signature Blend - Here is a blend of refined Virginia Flake. If you enjoy Virginia Flake tobacco, you must give this tobacco a try. I won two tins each of the Benjanin Hartwell blends and have found them to be very nicely packed and smoke cool. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Benjanin Hartwell Evening Stroll - As a rule, I don't smoke aromatic blends, but for a nice change of pace, here is nice mildly, flavorful pipe tobacco. I won two tins each of the Benjanin Hartwell blends and have found them to be very nicely packed and smoke cool. It can bought in a 50gm tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Turkish Black by Connoisseur Pipe Shop, Ltd. (NYC) - Here is a premium full-bodied Turkish blend that is rich and heady in flavor. Connoisseur Pipe Shop blends tend to be expensive, but well worth the price.

Scottish Ribbon by Connoisseur Pipe Shop, Ltd. (NYC) - Here is a mild, lightly scented, Virginia flake mixture in the Scottish tradition. A great all day smoke. Connoisseur Pipe Shop blends tend to be expensive, but well worth the price.

SAIL Regular - Sail regular is a well nicely balanced blend. Burley and Virginia tobaccos in perfect harmony are the basis, enriched by a selection of Oriental and Brazilian tobaccos. I would have never even given this blend a second thought if it were not for a fellow pipe smoker who was smoking it outside my office building. The aroma was very nice and could not wait to try it. It can bought in a 12oz tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

SAIL Natural - Since I found SAIL Regular to my liking, I had to give Sail Natural a try. This is a slightly more sophisticated blend of tobacco. It's easy burning tobacco with a mixture of rich Burley and mellow Virginia to which Latakia, India and Indonesia are added. It also has a nice aroma. It can bought in a 12oz tin The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692.

Half & Half - Most of the tobaccos that are reviewed here are custom hand-blended or well known commercially made tobaccos. However, if your looking for a well made American tobacco mixture, Half & Half certainly fits the bill. The distintive red and green label has been smoked in the US since the 1920's. It's sold as a premium brand all over Europe! It has two primary components, Burley and Bright. The Burley provides a broad even, neutral flavor, while the Bright adds a sharper note. The blend is processed with a combination of licorice, molasses, and invert sugars. A spice flavoring is sprayed on, which is made from cloves, cinnamon and rum. With a description like that, it sounds more like something you would eat. It can bought at The Tobacco Supermarket or (800)722-7692 or over the counter at most Durg Stores.

Lake Placid Blend from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - This is a beautiful golden brown Cavendish with a mild, natural tobacco flavor and aroma. It smokes like an aromatic, but has an English flavor and aroma. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Fisherman's Pal from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - This is a cube cut Burley blend that is great for the outdoors. It has a touch of Latakia for a rich flavor and aroma. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Breck's Mixture from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - Named after Breck himself, this is a stoved Virginia, with rich Burley and Turkish added for a flavorful and smooth smoke. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Lake Placid Blend from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - This is a beautiful golden brown Cavendish with a mild, natural tobacco flavor and aroma. It smokes like an aromatic, but has an English flavor and aroma. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

With Pipe and Book from With Pipe and Book (English) - This is the House Blend. It's a medium to full traditional English blend with tons of Latakia. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

English Gentry from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - Is a smooth, full-bodied Latakia blend. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. Breck and Julie Turner are the owners and can be contacted at (518)523-9096.

Scot's Pride from With Pipe and Book (non-aromatic) - Here is a mixture blended in the true Scottish fashion with the mildest of Virginias and Latakia. With Pipe and Book is a family owned pipe/tobacco/cigar and book shop in Lake Placid, New York. Breck and Julie Turner are the owners and can be contacted at (518)523-9096.

#5110 Dark English Full - McClelland's fullest mixture. It is rich with Latakia. Contains Oriental leaf and stoved Virginia. An extremely pleasing blend. Great all day and great tasting. This blend has a wonderful room aroma, that even non-English blend smokers will enjoy! This blend can bought at Tobacco Direct

Solani Golden Label Blend 779 - A sophisticated English blend with an extraordinary mixture of red, ripe Virginia, fine Oriental tobaccos and Syrian Latakia. This very mild blend will appeal to both Latakia lovers and those who prefer a real natural taste. Crimp cut. This blend can bought at Tobacco Direct

Raven's Wing by G.L. Pease - This is a full, dark, Latakia mixture. For the pipe smoker who likes a full latakix mix, this is the one. It has a generous amount of Cyprain Latakia with a bit of Syrian Latakia, which adds some spice to the blend. Matured Red, Orange and Bright Virginia are the base for sweetness. A bit of Oriental tobacco is added for richness. Great blend with lots of body and flavor. The room aroma is wonderful...a must smoke for lovers of Latakia mixtures. G.L. Pease

Cairo by G.L. Pease - This is a Virginia and Oriental mixture. A mixture of matured Red, Orange and Bright Virginia with a dash of Oriental tobacco and a bit of Perique for zest. The flavor is naturally sweet and slightly nutty. The room aroma is wonderful! A great blend for Virginia or Oriental smokers. G.L. Pease

Mephisto by G.L. Pease - A rich and dark mixture of Latakia, Oriental and Red, and Golden Virginias. Added to the mix is a drop of Jamaican Rum. The mix is then steamed and toasted to meld and deepen the flavors. The taste is bold and full-bodied, the rum providing a delicate sweetness to the smoky aroma. G.L. Pease

Samarra by G.L. Pease - This is a medium Latakia mixture. Several varieties of Virginia tobaccos form the base of this blend. Cuprian Latakia, Turkish leaf and a bit of Perique are added for richness. The smoke is smooth and round bodied. Nice sweetness comes from the Virginias, which a zest comes from the Latakia and Turkish tobacco. Overall a nice smoke, which great aroma.G.L. Pease

Renaissance by G.L. Pease - A classic English mixture, with a perfect balance of Red, and Golden Virginias and exotic leaf from the Balkans. Cyprian and Syrian Latakia are added to create a wonderful smoky richness. For the pipe smoker who likes full-bodied tobacco, this should be a real hit. G.L. Pease

Haddo's Delight by G.L. Pease - This is a full Virginia and Perique mixture. This blend uses a stout mixture of Virginias with a generous amount of Perique and some Black cavendish for body. The flavor is earthy, and slightly sweet with overtones of figs and raisins. A wonderful blend for Perique lovers. G.L. Pease

Barbary Coast by G.L. Pease - A rich Burley and Virginia (slow-burning) blend. This blend uses deep and nutty cube-cut Burley, which forms a robust base. Red Virginia tobaccos are added for a subtle sweetness and a bit of Perique is added for spice. A delicate "kiss" of Brandy is added that gives this blend it's unique flavor. The flavor is that of Black Walnut, Dark Chocolate, and dired fruits. The perfect all day smoke! G.L. Pease

Odyssey by G.L. Pease - A full Bulkan mixture. This is a bold and assertive blend with dark Latakia, black stoved and matured Red Virginias are added for balance. Exotoc Orientals are also added to give the blend body and zest. If you love Latakia and Oriental tobaccos, than Odyssey will please! Personal Note: This blend has become one of my all time favorite's just about all I smoke these days. I like it so much that I bought eight tins from my friends at Fine Olde Briars. If you want a nice quantity price on any of the G.L. Pease blends, stop at the Fine Olde Briars site. Rating: G.L. Pease

Caravan by G.L. Pease - A rich Bulkan mixture. Cyprian Latakia and a varity of Oriental tobaccos create a wonderful mixture. Lemon and Red Virginias provide a nice base. This blend is full and exotic: rich and spicy. A classic Bulkan blend with a special touch. Personal Note: While this blend is also one of my favorite blends....I have found that if I add a bit more Latakia to the mix, the blend is even better. Gregory Pease has done a wonderful job on these blends and comes out with new mixtures all the time. I strongly recommend his blends! G.L. Pease

Finck's English - While I'm generally not a big fan of bulk blends, this is an exception. The company says that this blend is comparable to the original Bulkan Sobranie, we all know that is not possible. However, it's still not a bad blend for the price, a 1 lb. bag costs $16.95. So if you're looking for a nice, inexpensive English it is.

Oriental by Robert McConnell - A century old formula, first blended on the 1800's. A traditional medium mixture of Oriental and Latakia tobaccos. A nice mild English blend. Good all day smoke. 50g Tin for $6.99

“And so to Bed” by Esoterica - This mixture is absolutely ideal for the evening. Finest grade Virginia and Maryland tobaccos are carefully aged and blended with Greek Oriental leaf and top grade Cyprian Latakia. The blend is then specially processed and additionally matured to produce a mellow, full strength smoke with rich flavor and unique aroma. 2oz. Tin / $6.99

Rattray's 3 Noggins Full - A tobacco with all the fragrant properties of 7 Reserve, but a little more full body was what a customer sought, and in time 3 Noggins was evolved. 4 oz. for $12.00

Rattray's 7 Reserve Medium - The constituents are of the same quality and grade as Red Rapparee yet adjusted to meet the requirements of the constant smoker. 4 oz. for $12.00

Rattray's Highland Targe - The outstanding feature is the pronounced flavor obtained by the variety of Latakia more robust in character than that used in the other mixtures. 4 oz. for $12.00

Comoy's English Mixture - A rare blend of Turkish, Virginia and Latakia tobaccos. 50 gram tin for $7.95

Davidoff English Mixture - Mild to medium in strength, this is a soft English blend. Made in Holland. 50 gram tin for $11.95

Banker's Mixture by J.J. Fox - A delightful rich medium blend, this tobacco has the addition of Havana seed leaf which provides an excellent taste. This is the penultimate cigar leaf pipe tobacco blend. 50 gram tin for $8.75

Campanile Mixture by J.J. Fox - A mild Virginia and Oriental tobacco is silky smooth on the palate and rich in taste. An excellent medium bodied mixture. 50 gram tin for $8.75

King Charles - A straight blend of high quality Virginias, Oriental, and Latakia tobaccos giving a smooth smoke, robust in strength with the pure taste of natural tobacco 50 gram tin for $8.50

Wellauer's English Blend - Best bright Virginia with Syrian Latakia, Louisiana Perique and a touch of Oriental leaf. Cool and mild on the tongue. 100 gram tin for $13.00

Wellauer's Erste Mischung - An unusual English mixture, combining Orientals, Havana leaf, Latakia and Brazilian. 100 gram tin for $13.00

Ferndown Yellow & Brown - Choice Red Virginias flavored with Orientals. 50 gram tin for $9.50

Momoyama - One of the most popular tobaccos in Japan. Flue Cured Virginia, Burley, Oriental and Perique mixture. 50 gram tin for $6.00

Ashton Celebrated Sovereign - A classic English mixture made with Syrian Latakia, Turkish Dubec, matured jet black Cavendish, Bright Carolina, and red Virginia. A true connoisseur's tobacco. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Ashton Old Dog - A full English mixture dark with Cyprian Latakia, spiced with fragrant Xanthia from Macedonia. Its liveliness is a result of aged flue-cured Virginias and jet-black Cavendish tobaccos. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Erik Nording Hunter Series Fox Hound (Blended for Erik Nording by McClelland's) - A particularly fine mild English blend combining the finest Orientals and Cyprian Latakia for that special woodsy aroma and taste. 50 gram tin for $11.80

Healthly Pipe Smoking . An excellent article on the health issues to be considered when smoking a pipe.

How to Smoke a Tobacco Pipe . Here's an excellent step-by-step guide on how to select a pipe, tobacco, pack, light and enjoy a pipe.

Vulcanite vs. Lucite . Here's great information about the various materials used to make pipe stems, it covers more than just the common types of materials like Vulcanite and Lucite.

How to smoke Flake Tobacco . This is a step-by-step process to assist the pipe smoker in finding the pleasures of smoking Flake Tobacco.

How to Enjoy Virginia Tobacco . This is an instructional page to help the pipe smoker in smoking Virginia Tobacco.

Pipe Tobacco Blending . Here is some general information about tobacco characteristics and how blending them makes for a perfect pipe mixture.

Types of Tobacco . Is a list that provides an explanation of blending tobaccos and their smoking characteristics.

Pipe Smoking 101: For the Beginner . Here is a simple explanation of how to purchase, pack, light and smoke a pipe.

As with cigars, pipe tobacco tastes are highly subjective. It's a matter of trying different blends until you find the blend(s) that you like. Most tobacco shops will give a free bowl of pipe tobacco to try, if your local shop does not have this policy, find another tobacconist!

Home Made English Blend

If you'd like to try your hand a blending your own English style tobacco, try this blend. There are three versions. The first is a traditional medium English blend, the second is milder and the third is a heavy English blend. Try all three to see which one you like best!

Medium-Bodied English Blend (base blend)
2.00 oz. White Burley
1.00 oz. Long Virginia
1.00 oz. English Flake
2.00 oz. Latikia
This is a nice medium strength English blend and can be smoked as is. However, if you want to make your own unique blend, play with the base belnd by adding various tobaccos to adjust the flavor. I have provided several options for a Mild and Full bodied blend. You can also add whiskey to give the blend a flavor twist. This is not necessary, but might be fun!

Mild English Blend
Use the same base blend, but to soften the blend add 1.00 oz. Medium Burley and/or 1.00 oz. Danish Cavendish. This will soften the blend and make it more mild. You might also want to reduce the amount of Latikia to 1.00 oz.

Full English Blend
Use the same base blend, but to make it a fuller blend add a couple more ounces of Latakia, an ounce or two of an Turkish/Oriental tobacco and a touch of Perique. Since Perique can really add flavor, use only a small amount. This will make a fuller blend.

NOTE: Smoke the base blend (or the mild/full) as is or add a small amount of "Jim Bean Rye", "Jack Daniels" or any other whiskey you might like and mix well into tobacco. Don't use too much liquid or the tobacco will get too moist. Add just light coating and allow it to soak into the tobacco. Allow the tobacco to sit in a sealed container for several days or better yet several months, before smoking.

Bulk blending tobaccos can be purchased at most quality tobacco shops. However, you can't find what you need, contact Cornell & Diehl at Cornell & Diehl .

Kate's Blend (named after my daugther)
6.00 oz. Turkish or Oriental Varietals
1.25 oz. Latakia
3.50 oz. Red Virginia
1.74 oz. Lemon Virginia
1.50 oz. Bright Virginia
1.50 oz. Dark Burley
.50 oz. Perique

This make a pound of a nice Oriental blend with just the right balance of sweetness, nutty and smoky flavors. This blend is dominated by the Turkish not the Latakia....a pinch of Perique brings it all together. The Perique is optional. If you choose to eliminate the Perique, just a bit more Latakia.

Check out Types of Tobacco . This list provides an explanation of blending tobaccos and their smoking characteristics.

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