Pipe Repair Information

Pipe and stem repair is a very common necessity for many pipe smokers. Every once in a while, a stem gets broken, a cracked shank or even a good cleaning is required. Finding a qualified pipe repair person can be difficult, so I have listed several very qualified pipe repair shops on this page.

Nightowl PipeWorks - Nightowl PipeWorks is owned Ron Bikacsan. Ron has extensive experience in small instrument refurbishing and vintage watch restoration. He uses these precision skills when repairing or refurbishing pipes that pass through his NightOwl PipeWorks shop. His understanding of airflow technology is used when correcting draw problems with wet-smoking pipes. Additionally, Ron has been trained in custom pipe making under the practiced eye of Jody Davis. Check out his web site to see some of his work...you'll be amazed! Contact Ronnie if you have some old pipes that need a new stem, repair or refurbishing. Call 615-226-1756 or 615-330-0455.

American Smoking Pipe Company
HC 88 Box 223
30 TAll Oaks Terrace
Pocono Lake, PA 18347

Mark Tinsky, owner of American Smoking Pipe Company, offers a full line of pipe and stem repair. He also has an extensive selection of briar blocks, stems, and kits. Prices are very reasonable and the service is good. Mark is also well known for making his own line of pipes. They are made from only top quality briar and are highly collectable.

Pimo Inc.
Butternut Lane
P.O. Box 2043
Manchaster Center, VT 05255

While Pimo does not perform pipe repairs. Al and Ginny Baier, owners of Pimo do offer a full line of pipe making kits and supplies. They have a wide seletion of stem blanks so you can make your own replacement stems. Al and Ginny are very nice to deal with and can offer some great advise. If you want to make your own pipe, Pimo offers several kits from which you can carve your own pipe. Pimo sells the book "Guide to Pipe Crafting at Home", a detailed, fully illustrated book guiding you through the steps of successfully carving standard and free-hand style pipes. Be sure to request a copy of their catalog mailed.

Do-it-youself Stem Tightening

The best way to tighen a loose stem is to buy a Stem Tightener Kit from Stemco-Pimo Inc.. The kit costs $7.50 and does a great job. I own one myself and have used it many times. Stemco-Pimo accepts MasterCard and VISA.

The Stem Tightener Kit is a set of six tapered steel pins that you slide into the tenon airhole. Each of the six pins are of a different diameter and are tapered, so you can select the one the fits the tenon airhole best. Heat the tenon with a butane lighter, candle or hair dryer. If you you use an open flame, do so VERY carefully. Run the lighter back and fourth several times, but do not over do the heating or you'll melt the stem. Once the tenon has gotten slightly soft, push the steel pin you've selected into the tenon airhole. This will slightly enlarge the tenon so it will fit more tightly.

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