Pipes vs. Cigars


Why pipes are better than cigars, let me count the ways...

Let me begin by saying that there is nothing wrong with cigars. I smoke and enjoy cigars very much. Still, there are a number of reasons why pipes are unquestionably better!

Reason #1: Variety is the spice of LIFE! The range of pipe tobaccos is endless. Even if you limited the selection by removing the huge variety of aromatic blends, the variety of pipe tobacco flavors is greater than that of cigars by a wide margin. With all due respect to ciagrs, a cigar will always taste like a cigar.

Reason #2: The pipe itself! Pipes are beautiful, nothing short of functional works of art. For the price of a dinner for two, you can purchase a lovely pipe that will bring you years of pleasure. Collecting pipes is a truly noble pursuit, and one can never have enough pipes.

Reason #3: Paraphenalia...what do all great hobbies have in common? Gadgets! Cigar smokers have humidors, cutters, lighters, cases, and distinctive ashtrays. Aside from cutters, pipe smokers have all of these things, plus cleaners, racks, tampers, reamers, pipe tools, shank brushes, etc.

Reason #4: Skill....Face it, you can give any Tom, Dick, or Harry a cigar and a box of matches and he will manage to convert the cigar to ash with little difficulty. Give the same person a pipe and the results will likely be quite different. It takes skill to smoke a pipe. To properly pack and smoke a bowl is an act of performance art. Lesser men have been known to slink away in utter shame upon watching a skilled pipe smoker put his briar into action.

Reason #5: Economy....For the price of a single Cuban cigar, you can purchase a two-week supply of the finest pipe tobacco in the world, and it's legal. The money saved can then be immediately transformed into more pipes and tobacco. What a deal!!

Reason #6: People!!!! Pipe smokers are the world's greatest folks; brilliant, kind and fun loving! Cigar smokers are nice people, but some of the worlds most prominent people who smoke(d) a pipe, such as Sherlock Holms (Fictional Detective), Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain; Writer), General Douglas McArthur (Military Leader), Bing Crosby (Actor), Albert Einstein (Mathematician), Ralph Waldo Emerson (Poet), Ronald Reagan (US President; Actor), Norman Rockell (Artist). We pipe smokers are in good company!!

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